Master Paint Guide

Few things have the transformative power of paint. For a relatively low cost, you can pick up a few gallons of paint, spend a weekend rolling a room, and BAM! Instant transformation.
But for as simple as a paint project may seem, it’s full of decisions. Which paint color is best when there are thousands upon thousands to choose from? What brand, quality of paint, sheen? Roller or brush?
When it comes to painting, we know a thing or two. In fact, we know much more than just a few things about painting spaces the right way, with the best colors, and the most helpful tips to make your painting process go as smoothly as possible. We’ve scoured every paint brand imaginable and selected the very best blacks, blues, whites, and more. We’re walking you through which paint to use where, and with what sheen. We’ve compiled our very best advice for getting a professional finished product..

This guide includes:

  • Our Favorite Tools List & Links- Having the right tools is critical to getting a professional finished product. With paint tools and supplies, resist the urge to buy the cheapest option. It’s worth the expense to buy higher quality brushes and other tools. You’ll save your self a lot of heartache.
  • Sheen Guide- Choosing the correct sheen is a very important part of planning your project. Each surface- type may call for a different sheen – ceilings, walls, doors and casings are often each painted in a different sheen even if they are all the same color.
  • Primers- The type of primer you choose will depend on your project. Be sure to choose a primer that has the qualities you need.
  • 378 Favorite Designer Paint Colors 
  • Interior vs. Exterior Paints

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