About us

Designing a beautiful home is something I am certainly passionate about because I’ve seen the impact that it has on my life, on Jon’s life, and on our family’s lives. But our home is more than a collection of pretty things put together in the right way. We feel empowered knowing we did this—we built our most important place. WE DID IT.

Empowerment—that’s what Stagg Design is all about. I want you to have that same feeling. Through cohesive, easily paired patterns and design products, tutorials, design boards, and endless inspiration, we’re taking the guesswork out of home design. We want you to make a home you love. And I mean really love like a mama loves her baby. When you play a role in creating your home and take control of your surroundings, it will be such a proud moment for you. You’ll want to shout it from your rooftop “I DID THIS!”

So here’s a virtual high five, fist bump, and bum slap. You got this. We’re here to help. 
Jen & Jon Stagg